How to easily pick the PERFECT gift for your best friend, wife, or girlfriend!

Here is a 4-step lesson on how to pick the perfect gift for your friend, wife, or girlfriend. If you have struggled with the picking and purchasing of ANY gift EVER, you have come to the right spot. We have laid out 4 key steps to your best gift yet.

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  1. Research –

Research, as you can imagine, is a time-consuming activity that consists of more than a few google searches. When looking for the perfect gift, market knowledge, insight on trends and product value are some of the key parts to discovering a gift worth giving. Today’s adults just do not have the time to do the rigmarole of gathering all of this information and then deciphering it for the lovely lady in your life. Bestie Box has a team of women that gain this incite through lived experience and thorough knowledge of on-trend products. Take it from the experts they know what we want.

  1. Make note of her interests –

This one is easy! Or so you would think. Your woman’s demographics, style, and personality lend to the kind of gifts you should be purchasing. But how do you parse through all the little things to make it to your end goal perfect gift selection?? That is the million-dollar question (or in the case of the Bestie Box, $30 question)! The profile the product curators use to choose what goes into your best (friend, wife, mother)’s box allows for the most on-target gift giving you could ask for. Sleepy sister, coffee mug to boot. Planning Pal, a custom calendar for her obsession. Overworked Wife, a bath bomb for her very own happy hour. The creators and curators of the bestie box know how to make your woman smile by getting exactly what matches her personal style and needs.

  1. Variety –

What is better than receiving a gift? Receiving a box FULL of gifts! When we head to the store and look through the aisles for what could be the gift our loved ones love, we often grab the one thing that looks acceptable and leaves with a gamble. The Bestie Box alleviates the internal argument we have over the cost and quantity of your gifts. This low-cost, high-value box is filled with sets of goodies and full-sized treats. Go for the gold and get her a box full of gifts instead of accidentally getting her the same lame kitchen accessory you did last year. Yuck.

  1. Presentation –

I think we have all learned that presentation makes the package. Purchasing a gift is not the end of your challenge. The real work is when it comes to delivery. Are you bringing her the anniversary present in the Macy’s bag it came in? Well, I hope not because so much of the sensory process begins when you are in the bustle of unwrapping your goodies. The Bestie Box comes in the most luxurious scented carrying box wrapped in sparkled and rich wrappings that make you feel as if Marie Antoinette packed it herself. And don’t we all want to feel like Marie Antoinette has worked for her pretty hands just to make us feel special?! The answer is yes, yes we like the idea of the care and thoughtfulness that goes into the cushy accouterments that dress our gifts.


In conclusion: All of these steps are super easy to accomplish with The Bestie Box. Gift giving for the femmes in your life has been solved. Choose your box and they will do the rest. Happy gift giving! 


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